Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Belligerent Intent - "Eternity Of Hell And Torment" (Cassette)

Belligerent Intent - Eternity Of Hell And Torment
Cassette, 2014 by Faithcraft Production
83/100 FP0012

Hell, Satan, Darkness, Ancient Evil and everything that curse goodness, kindness and light. Hailed from Australia, BELLIGERENT INTENT spit and vomit all. A fast, brutal and evil product that they ever produce. They have no fear. Curse at everything! I can't say about their guitar works, drumming stroke, what kind of drugs they take to play like that or whatsoever you want to know. If you understand the meaning of Bestial Black/Death Metal, then you should grab it. In vein of Angelcorpse, Vital Remains, Morbid Angel and many more. It sure gives you pain in the ass! Hellyeah!! I like it!! Boom! Crush!! Kebaboooooooooom!!!! Thats all... Hahahaha!

Contact Faithcraft Prods if you want this "hell in the tape"
And why don't you contact directly Belligerent Intent for other stuff that related to them? Haha!


Monday, September 15, 2014

Hot Deth/Cast Me In The Fire SPLIT EP (Scarey Records)

First of all, i'm going to confess. I AM A DOWNLOADER MUTHER FUKKER. Yes... But that's what i'm going to tell you guys about. Why?

Okay, now i received a 7" EP split album between BLADE OF THE RIPPER and BIBLE OF THE DEVIL. Now, i know BLADE OF THE RIPPER from Mediafire. Yep, i download their 2nd album "Taste The Blade". Then i figured that album are awesome! I tried to find the CD or Cassette or LP but i failed. But now, i feel a little bit of relief because i found this 7" split. Lucky! But the guilty won't fade easily. Enough fuck with the words, now lets have some review! Hahaha!

Blade Of The Ripper "Cast Me In The Fire"
From this side, BLADE OF THE RIPPER offer us their track "Cast Me In The Fire". You know, this band are old school thrash metal to the bones! Worshiper of VENOM, METALLICA and MEGADETH should add this band releases in their fucking collection. Yes!! A raw meat of punk feel, early VENOM and METALLICA smells crispy! The vocal sounds like Tom Arraya and Cronos!! Oh yeah!! To tell the truth, their previous releases are sounds better than this but, this track have its own charm!

Bible Of The Devil "Hot Deth"

BIBLE OF THE DEVIL deliver us some Raw Heavy Metal, also i sense some punk influence in this track. Not really suit my ears but i enjoy their work!
Some preview of Blade Of The Ripper's track!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

The Death Of Analog Psycho #2 (Faithcraft Prods & Nusantarajim Prods)

 I am late. Yep. Late to review this stuff. A compilation that i always want to buy it. All band inside this tape are crazy! I was told by the boss of Faithcraft that they cannot use the "real" artwork because its too porn, brutal, profane and all negative elements in this fucking bloody world. So, he use this artwork instead of the original. He mentioned that this artwork done by a comic artist that inspired lots of metal band around the world. He give me that hint so i will search for it. Hell no... i am too busy with my works and my personal struggling against all this test that HE made for me. Hahaha! So, maniac! This the the long awaits of compilation that will change your life (maybe)


1st band from side Craft, Grey Skies Fallen. A Doom/Death Metal band with "End Of My Hope". Great! I like it. Its different from Asphyx, but a little close to Autopsy. Yummy!

2nd band from side Craft, Warmachine. A Black/Death Metal band with "Northern Chaosmaker". Its sounds a little bit weird but, yum! Hahahaha!! Head to the wall!

3rd band from side Craft, Panychida. A Melodic Death Metal band with "Dont Tell Lies To Children". Its so unique! Is that a Chinese traditional instrument that i hear? If it is, hellyeah! Awesome! The whole track reminds me of old Septic Flesh (Revolution D.N.A album)

4th band from side Craft, Heretical. A Black/Speed/Thrash Metal with keyboard put"Lvzifer Demansqve" on the list? Well, you can call it Melodic if you want. Call whatever you want. I like this track! A dark yet energetic track! Reminds me of Norther and Dark Lunacy because they use violin and eerie keyboard and choir (and most band from that place... fuck that outro, its nightmarish!)

5th band from side Craft, Au Revoir. A Hard Rock/Heavy/Thrash Metal band with "Menafi Kematian". Kicking with that cheesey intro and mastubate-able kind of riff hahaha! As i remember this track tribute to that motorclub. Oh i dont remember and i dont care. What i care is i LOVE this track. That vocal effect... sounds like er... Santapan Terakhir... Ops if i finish this sentence, i probably found dead. Hahahaha!

6th band from side Craft, Naraka. A Technical Brutal Death Metal with track "Great Karma For The Maleficence". Blasting all the way and anything in its path were destroyed. Hellyeargh! You can compared their music with Nile, Devourment, Sufforcation and many more. Actually its not my cup of tea but to all who worship this kind of music, yep... you will understand and grab this shit!

7th band from side Craft, High Voltage. A Technical Brutal Death Metal with "Indonesia Centralist Terrorist". Speed kills.... if you guys like Indonesian Death Metal, this is the answer!

8th band from side Craft, Sial. A Ambient/Black/Doom Metal band with "Busuk Hati" as their triump card. Hellyeah! Horror! Sorrow! Terror! Despair! Malevolent! A dragging-your-face-on-the-road kind of music. Slow, heavy and spooky! Remember Beherit? Yep... thats the kind of feeling by listening to it. My favorite track.

9th band from side Craft, Psychotic Sufferance. A Noise/Grindcore band with " Penindasan Berlesen". A torture to your ear. Raw and fast. Kill so fast! Fuck! Fuck! Listen to it makes you wanna kill your YB. Huahaha!


1st band from side Rajim, Shambles. A Raw Doom/Death Metal with "Rosarium" as their champion for this compilation. They play this genre... Yep... My Favorite! Reminds me of old Asphyx, Winter, Incantation and Disembowelment (Australia). Great band! But too much rawness, i cant hear drum bass clearly. That kill the mood. Oh my... Well, its a great track!

2nd band band from side Rajim, Purge The Arbitrator. A Brutal/Technical Death Metal with "Disengaged Thy Fear". Great song!! Reminds me of Autopsy, Suffocation, Immolation, Deicide and many more! I like it! Yum! Yum! Yum!

3rd band from side Rajim, Neftaraka. A Raw/Depressive Black Metal with "Lustk" as their "blade for this murder case". Raw and fast!! This band play it perfectly. Even its raw, i still can hear drum part clearly. Yeah. I like this track! Long Live Neftaraka, Mekeme Beh! Hahaha!

4th band from side Rajim, Cultristic. A Death Metal band with "Crusher" as their weapon of mass destruction! What can i say about this band? Deicide conceive Morbid Angel and thus! Cultristic were born! Heavily influenced by "Covenant" album. Yep... i smell "God Of Emptiness" here!!! Hahahaha!

5th band from side Rajim, Goatlusting Chaos. A Black/Death Metal band with their unholy grail "Thy Soul For Iblyssii. As intro, taste the spit from them. How rude. Yep, no nice guys here. Hahahaha! A true worshiper of Sarcofago, Impiety, Behemoth and many more. Worth to listen. Yum! Yum! Yum!!

6th band from side Rajim, Kolbenfaust. A Death/Grindcore band with "Tomb Of The Lost Disciple". Yep... i a little bit confused with their genre. Death Metal or Grindcore? I hear a breakdown part. I sense Morbid Angel here. And some Sepultura feel in this track. Well, ignore the genre, keep the head banging like hell because I LIKE THIS!! This band reminds me of Keruntuk, a Death Metal from Sarawak! Hellyeah!!

7th band from side Rajim, Infernal Execrator. A Black/Death Metal band with their "Singatheos Regimentum Mastema" as a dick to fuck any woman's hole. Fast! Filthy! Yep... If you like Angelcorpse, Revenge, Impiety, this band need your attention. Yep.

8th band from side Rajim, Purgation. A Death Metal band with "Uncanny Obsession". Raw! This band reminds me of Sinister, Cannibal Coprse, a little bit of Immolation. Yeah, i like it!!

Thats all about this compilation. Its a must! Buy it! Or you will regret later!
Contact Raimi Barbarossa or Faithcraft Prods. Its cheap! If you saved your cigarette budget for 2 days, it will enough! Hahahahaha!


Friday, September 12, 2014

DELUSI/SIAL/AHMAD RAIMI - Pengukir Nada Dari Makam (Promo Split)


Ambient. What do you know about it? How you digest that kind of music? What do you think about it? A dragging face of sorrow, wept with tears and full of hidden message. Not heavy at all but viciously ripping our soul. 3 band/musician from Malaysia experimenting with this kind of genre. Not metal at all. Just AMBIENT! Horror and Terror, Tears and Sadness, Depression and Tension. This kind of elements fired up this 3 soul to create another darkness in music.

Lara by Delusi are the 1st track entering my ears. A great sound using keyboards, sound effect then plays with software. Thats what i thought. Yeah. Its sound so sad and creepy. Cold to your ears, mind and soul. The ice of music. Its like winter season. That kind of feel. Yep, i love it!

Penantian Sudah Berakhir by Sial, the 2nd track starts with guitar. Yep... guitar. Sial, actually are a band that plays with Raw Black Metal. And this track are available in their split album with Nicrotek from Indonesia title "Kebahagian Selepas Mati". Creepy sad with whispering vocal and that sound of breathe. So sad, very sad. Great audioassault!! I love it!

Aku Rindu Kematian by Ahmad Raimi, the 3rd and last track. Using drums, cymbals, keyboard and some sound effect. Its so depressive! Stress in this audioassault are formed after you listen to it. Singing like that, wishing for death, welcoming death. He want to die now (someone please kill him hahaha!). Oh yeah... I love it!

If you ask me, i too have a ambient project, only for myself. Just using cheap software downloaded from free website, making all sound with my mouth then edit it in that cheap software. Firstly i used it as intro/midtro/outro on Deathrash Metal band (no need to mention, its unworthy) and now It become addictive! But next time, i'm gonna learn how to do-it-right and properly. Yep... i know i am cheapstake and i suck! Haha!
I recommend this split promo. It cost RM10.00 (its only for postage, since its promo means its free) and its limited to 21 copy only!! I got mine, 03/21. Haha!

Contact Faithcraft Prods on Facebook or Faithcraft Prods Blogspot.

Thursday, September 11, 2014



I already heard about this band around 2009 on popular social network MySpace (at that time). At that time they played dark/gothic metal with great influence from Cradle Of Filth. Hailed from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur this band still alive and now you guys see that i'm writing about their 1st album. Okay, i bought this album by sending email to them. Wow! they use ENGLISH and its sounds like a "pak cik korporat konglomerat" something like that! Haha! Professional!! 

I heard the promo video from YOUTUBE and i was hooked by their latest music. Its improved so much! No more (at least) gothic, its Death Metal!! But... in this album, the promo track on YOUTUBE "The Great Extinction" are little different to compared with in this CD. Okay, the vocal are variety. Just like rojak, so many kind of style. Yes, i respect Daarchlea vocalist, from black metal-ish kind of vocal to grindcore-ish kind of vocal. And dont forget the backup vocal too. Its AWESOME. The guitar tune are so heavy and melodic. Superb! The drumming are most likely Vital Remains, Revenant (i must agree with this!) and Morbid Angel if you want me to compared with. Insane! Keyboard are not too overwhelming, a great uses to create a dark yet harmony atmosphere. Seriously, when i heard it for the first time, SNAP! TICK! i thinking of SEPTICFLESH. Yes! I think there's many band out there try to blend this kind of music. If you like Obtenebris, Chthonic, Septicflesh, this is the album you need to hear! On track "Ascend To Arasy" you can hear clearly the sound of kompang! And that track is also a "kin" to their previous song (in their LIVE PROMO releases) called "Seeping Dher Blod From Herr" Oh my goat, its so epic! So delicious! I keep the track running many times before its arrived at the "The Great Extinction". To put it in one word; its Symphonic Progressive Melodic Black Death Metal, ALL TRACK ARE KILLER, NOT FILLER. I am simply fall in love for this album. Daarchlea try to find their own style and trying to reach the originality of Daarchlea. They almost reach it. Great! Awesome!

I really recommended you guys out there, BUY THIS ALBUM! BUY IT! BUY IT! Its the best! 
Contact them at Daarchlea Official or send them email at daarchleastore@gmail.com

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Besi! Besi! Besi!

Musik yang keras ini sebenarnya yang telah mencari dan menjumpai saya. Daripada sesi jamming suka-suka kepada hari ini dimana saya masih lagi mendengarnya tanpa rasa bosan. Menukarkan diri saya yang menikmati musik metal seorang diri kepada menikmatinya bersama rakan-rakan. Menukarkan diri saya yang hanya mendengar melalui download kepada memburu setiap format yang pernah dihasilkan untuk sesuatu band.

Menjadi "METALHEAD" telah menukarkan diri saya daripada menerima dan membenci secara total dan membuta tuli kepada diri saya yang senantiasa mengkaji sesuatu. Saya kaji setiap bait lirik lagu, kepada motif pembuatan lagu tersebut. Jika berlawanan dengan iman serta kepercayaan saya, saya tolak terus. Daripada hanya terperangkap didalam musik Eastern Black Metal bawaan As-Sahar, kini saya mampu menikmati kegilaan musik Brutal Death Metal dan kesuraman musik Ambient.

Saya pun tidak tahu, bagaimana musik keras, kasar dan "dibenci" oleh masyarakat sekeliling ini telah merubah diri saya yang saya anggap "lebih baik daripada diri yang terdahulu". Dulunya, musik ini digembar-gemburkan dengan segala macam cerita yang lansung tidak enak. Segala yang negatif, semuanya ditundingkan kepada musik metal yang keras ini. Bila saya berada di alamnya, barulah saya tahu. Barulah mata saya terbuka. Sebenarnya, tak lah jahat mana pun.

Saya bukanlah metalhead dari zaman 1990-an. Bukan! Saya dari zaman 2000-an! Hahaha! Dimana pernah saya terbaca status di FB daripada seorang metalhead ini yang berbunyi "Jika kau mula terjebak dengan "Black Metal" selepas isu Mastika, kau memang POSER". Saya masa tu tidak faham dengan apa itu poser sebenarnya. Mengapa boleh ada label-melabel seseorang itu TRUE atau POSER/PLASTIC? Lantak lah!

Hahahaha! Perenggan diatas tu hanyalah sedikit coretan merepek dari hingusan macam saya.

Jika diteliti didalam video diatas, maka saya membuat satu rumusan. Dimana mereka-mereka ini naik dan dipandang tinggi dimata dunia hanya kerana bermain musik ekstrim. Benar. Mereka menongak arus, mereka menjadi "diri" mereka sendiri tanpa meniru 100% daripada orang lain. Mereka menjadi LAIN DARI YANG LAIN. Mereka menjadi kreatif dan sangat produktif serta bersemangat tanpa mengalah dalam usaha mereka demi band mereka, demi musik mereka dan demi IDEA mereka. Itu adalah PALING TEPAT. Dibenci oleh masyarakat pada ketika itu, dicemuh malah dijadikan bahan jenaka tetapi kini mereka berdiri teguh! Mereka tidak terikat dengan mana-mana peraturan dan menambah sedikit perisa artistik dalam musik mereka dan mereka menjadi ikutan ramai. Kini masyarakat tidak mampu menyekat mereka lagi. Mereka telah berjaya. Ya, kata kunci utama mereka adalah TIDAK MENGALAH, BERANI DENGAN IDEA BARU dan KREATIF. Teliti betul-betul bahagian "Napalm Death" dan "Celtic Frost". Bagaimana Celtic Frost dari sebuah tempat yang begitu asing dan "obscured" kini dapat dilihat dengan jelas dan terang. Lihat mereka dan jadikan inspirasi bukan sahaja dalam musik metal aja. Luaskan persepktif kita dan gunakan ia didalam segala bentuk usaha kearah membaikkan diri kita.

Masyarakat melihat kita dengan mata yang sangat menyakitkan hati kita. Bila ditenung semula, mereka akan berpaling. Seolah-olah kita ni kotor, tiada agama, tiada budaya, ganas, bodoh, "a failure product" dan pelbagai lagi kata-kata serta tanggapan yang negatif. Tak mengapalah... Bukannya boleh dibawa mati...