Friday, May 19, 2017

SUCCUBUS - NOCTURNAL promo cassette

What the hell that i listening right now? Huh??? PURE DEATH/THRASH MADNESS!

Succubus did it again! Yes... This band are worth your FUCKKING ATTENTION YOU BASTARD SCUM BITCH!!!

This cassette are the promotion for their upcoming album, thus! This cassette means that they are still kick ass, driving Panzer tank to your fucking mind!!

SHAMANIC NIGHT:- This track opens with a blasting drum, crunchy guitar rythm and kick your ass mercilessly. The song structure, the whole sound are fucking old school! Faza vocal are pure evil. Its out of this world. That Incubus are ready to fuck any pussy and ass anytime. This tracks tell us about the most prolific case of murderous woman. Then, BLITZKRIEG ATTACK, without warning, attack! Succubus are the bastard of the year. You have no idea, you have no idea WHAT this cassette can do. After your mind fucked by their original song, Succubus pays tribute to FATAL, an unknown band to me by covering their song "GUTS FOR DINNER" from FATAL - 1988 demo. Very catchy and happy song, compared to previous track. Succubus are known playing covers from Exmortis and Merciless. Finally the last track are FLAME OF THE THOUSAND YEARS (LIVE). This track from their previous EP "DESCEND INTO GEHENNA". Fuckyeah... This version are the best! Its RAW! Its FRESH! Its RED and BLOODY DELICIOUS!

Succubus did it again after their demo "Sadistic Rites Of Evil". I mean, the sounds are filthy and raw. Their new guitarist, Hafifi delivered a good riffs of pure 1989-1992 death/thrash metal. Arm Aggressor bass are hard to recognize, but once you find it, it makes you melt away. Faza vocals are different from their previous material. Its more evil. Its like a chainsaw, from his mouth. He did it. And the last is Zakhyr a.k.a Pokya. I met him once in Muar Metal Fest 4, what a small guy. But when he hold the drumstick, he is no longer Didi And Friends, he is SATAAAAAAAN!!!!! Fuck... Hail Pokya The Skeletoriya!!!

This band keeps the spirits and sound of old school death/thrash metal. If you are a fans of Merciless and Massacra (France), you must have this cassette. Spin it, and masturbate upon it. FUCK YOU! Seriously, i cant stop thinking of Massacra especially their first 3 album "FINAL HOLOCAUST", "ENJOY THE VIOLENCE" and "SIGNS OF THE DECLINE". Even i can sense the riffs-changing-like False Prophet "THE SECOND DEATH". Fuck! This band did it again!!! GLORIOUS TO THE OLD SCHOOL!

Grab it. Contact GEDEBE REKORDS at Facebook. Buy it! Listen to it! MASTURBATE ON IT! FUCK YOU!!!!

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