Friday, January 16, 2015

Jamming Session: Journey of The Unworthy

The Three Stoner Masturbator

Its nothing new actually. This is an old footage of our jamming session. Hahahaha! I missed our old days.

In our 1st met, i met Ghaz Ahmad (guitarist) and Hanafi (drummer) jamming in the studio. They used to play in grunge band called Morphology. They also befriend with the "The-One-Who-Cannot-Be-Spoken-His-Name". Me too because at that time i trying to form a band. Then, after some conflict with "The-One-Who-Cannot-Be-Spoken-His-Name" we met at cendol stall and start talking. I remembered well when i showed my project to Ghaz Ahmad and ask his opinion about my project band with "The-One-Who-Cannot-Be-Spoken-His-Name", Ghaz Ahmad reply "That's was his rejected track for his band". I just.... WTF!!!!

They also are victims to this "The-One-Who-Cannot-Be-Spoken-His-Name" guy. Because the recording of their demo sounds more metal than grunge, and felt tricked the way "The-One-Who-Cannot-Be-Spoken-His-Name" asking how to sell the demo. So, when we talked, i pop-up an idea to form a band. A metal band. Since this two buddy are also used to listen some metal band, i started to show them some of my favorite band. They were shocked! Because those band are so awesome!

Then, without wasting time we get ready for jamming session. I asked them what they understand about METAL and express it in guitar and drums. So the session begins. The result are terrible! Hahahaha! Well, its our 1st time, then i start to guide them with some good references. After that, they explored more and more without asking. I can see their eyes. Shining bright craving for more!

Then, they started to compose a song. Our 1st song is "From Asylum With Terror" was a great success! Its catchy! Its a basic thrash metal. With lots of punk feel in it. I am impressed! They are blessed with talent. Then, they start to compose more song. "Athens's Night With Knife" and "Ghost Of" are another 2 successful track they ever made! Note: those 3 song are composed WITHOUT me. I just wrote the lyrics and sing it. And it fits well to my taste! Thats why i love them! Hahaha!

Then, i started to composing with them. Its officially my involvement in song writing. That track are "Moonlight Lunacy" took 1 month of pain and agony! The result are fucking hellyeargh mothefucker! Its a track filled with twisted faith and insanity. Its crazy time for us! Then they composed a song called "D.S.A.I", i changed the title to "Politic's Foul" because i dont want it looks too political. I dont care about politics but that track are powerful! And in respect to them writing that song. Then, we composing another track "Something Smell's Fishy". Pure Insane Fucking Speedy! Hahahaha!

A few month later we recorded our 1st demo "Dark Pleasure Of Imagination" with 5 tracks thats are intro, Athens's Night With Knife, Ghost Of, From Asylum With Terror, a cover song from Kreator titled Phobia and an outro. We recorded at Oxygen Studio, Bentong. Its sad that we are inexperience with recording thats lead to the sound that not fit with our preference. Oh well, what's done is done.

That demo opens our eyes to what we called SCENES! Hahaha! Our hometown are lack of metalhead. They're hiding! Hahahaha! So, using media sosial network we spread our very limited demo only in 50 copies only. I met lots of friends and band like Militant Attack, HereafteR, Au Revoir and many more (i mentioning this band because i always hanging, talking, chatting with them). They comment on our songs, giving advice and guidance, hang around and for our 1st time play live at KL THRASHED I in 2011 and they called us "THRASH KAMPUNG GILA BABI" (Village Thrash Maniac in English) because of the sound of that demo. Hahahahaha!!! And i met my mentor, my teacher, my best buddy, Matt of Militant Attack. He teach me how to blend with the scenes. He guide me how to be undeground properly! Hahahahahaha! Thanks Matt!! You will always my MENTOR! (I WILL TALK LATER ABOUT MATT AND OTHERS OF MY FRIEND IN NEXT ENTRY)

After that we hit the studio with our 1st EP "TASTE MY BLADE" consist Intro, Something Smells Fishy, Moonlight Lunacy, midtro, Politics Foul, Insaneeyah (rehersal), Krush N Kill (one shoot recording with instant/last minute idea), Outro and Hidden Track. This EP, also a disappointment to us. Its a failure in sound, guitar track are too crispy. Argh!! Fuck that, just metal!!

That's is the last from us. We are not split-up. We're just separated by our distances. Now i working at Johor, they still in Kuala Lipis, Pahang. My beloved obscured city... Once awhile i return to my village and met them, we hit the studio! Hahaha! And now, no more studio in our place. What a sad truth. So, the video i shared in this entry are our last jamming in 2014. Actually its our new song but... i hope one day this track will reach the light with a proper recording and lyrics.

Oh! Did i forgot to mention my band? Naaaaaaaaahhh.... its unworthy. Hahahaha!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SWAMPCULT "An Idol Carved of Flesh" (Eastern Voice Production)

...And With The Strange Aeon, Even Death May Die...

"The Call Of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft"

H.P Lovecraft are one of many writers that inspired lots of band included Shub-Niggurath, Morbid Angel, Mekong Delta, Revenant and many more. And also, SWAMPCULT are in the list.

I just received my copy of this album. Swampcult are band formed by "A" and "D" hailed from Purmerend, North Holland, Netherlands. This band are far more weird that any band that i have heard. Seriously, they play Black/Doom Metal but its far from that genre. I would call it "Occult Metal". Hahahaha!

Their music, in my description are like horror rock blended well with doom metal and the raw sound of their product actually pretty obscured. Not heavy but devastating, that's what i feel about their music. No offence please! They are the worshiper of The Ancient Ones, the mighty Cthulhu. Their images, lyrics, sounds and music actually makes me remember well what happen in the old literature called "The Call Of Cthulhu". In that book, there a cult performing rituals in the swamp during the night. Sacrificing humans and worship an idol looks alike octopus man (that's their lord, Cthulhu!!). I believe SWAMPCULT are highly inspired from that cult in that swamp. The way "A" deliver his vocal are resemble of what i imaging fits to Castro, an occultist, caught by the policeman who raid the cult. With background vocals are most likely a choir of occultists chanting the incantation, summoning the Great Cthulhu. And weird sound/voices of unknown creature, most likely creature from other dimension are well-blended with the music. Yes, what a memory when i read that book many years ago. Fucking Insane! Its like the whole SWAMPCULT track are an actual ritual in this CD. This CD itself, a great offering, devotion and madly obsession to the mighty lord, CTHULHU!

The narrator part in track "The Pits Of Yog-Sothoth" are creepy like hell. It send chills to my spine. Its like watching or reading from the book itself! What a great CD i have in my hand. Yes! I love this album! Its something new to me. Its something weird for me. Its like you discovered the unknown music. A "creepy metal"? Or "Cthulhu Metal"? "Lovecraftian Metal"? I dont know. Please someone describe this kind of music for me. Tell me more about this kind of music!

Get this awesome CD from Eastern Voice Production with RM25/USD12/Euro 10 included registered mail.

I'll wait if they release this stuff in LP format. And i eager to wait their new stuff. Bring lots of Necronomiconic curse and spells in your music! No one will survived! When the stars are in the line, The Lord Of The Great Abyss SHALL RISE ONCE MORE!!

Friday, January 9, 2015


Asalamualaikum kepada semua! Diharap anda sihat sejahtera disamping keluarga/insan yang disayangi. Penulisan kali ini adalah berkenaan tajuk diatas. Yep...

Pertamanya, saya nak kongsikan sedikit kepada anda apa yang saya faham tentang ULASAN. Ya... Bagi saya, ulasan adalah "mengupas dan menerangkan" dalam pelbagai bentuk. Dari fizikal kepada pemahaman secara rohani, spiritual serta hadir dengan pendapat sendiri yang bersifat citarasa pengulas tersebut TANPA memandang atau merujuk pada idea orang lain. ITU PEMAHAMAN SAYA terhadap ULASAN.

Keduanya, untuk menjadi seorang pengulas, saya perlu mempunyai sedikit ilmu untuk mengulas sesuatu. Sejujurnya, saya merujuk kepada pengulas-pengulas yang lain untuk memahami bagaimana dia mengulas. Bagaimana nak menterjemahkan pemahaman anda terhadap sesuatu yang ingin diulas. Sebagai contoh, anda ingin mengulas berkenaan musik ekstrim metal. Dan sebagai contoh juga, anda pilih band STOMACH EARTH (band yang baru sahaja saya dengar di youtube). Baiklah, saya sertakan beberapa langkah yang saya selalu praktikkan dalam mengulas musik ini.

Cover Album Stomach Earth "Stomach Earth"

1. Saya perlu mengkaji latar belakang band ini. Penubuhan awal serta individu yang terlibat dalam band ini dan apabila saya membuat sedikit kajian maka diketahuilah bahawa STOMACH EARTH adalah sebuah band "one-man-band" dari Massachusetts, Amerika Syarikat yang berpaksikan pada genre Funeral Doom/Death Metal (sila rujuk Stomach Earth). Juga pengasas band ini Mike McKenzie JUGA merupakan gitaris kepada beberapa band lain seperti The Red Chord, Nightkin etc etc etc.

Mike McKenzie

2. Saya juga kena mendengar apakah itu Funeral Doom/Death Metal. Kalau saya tak tahu apa benda genre itu macam mana saya nak ulas bentuk musik yang dimainkan. Betul tak? Jadi saya pun dengar musik yang dimainkan oleh STOMACH EARTH. Ia merupakan sebuah musik yang kelam, berat, sedih dan bermelodik. Musik yang sangat berbeza dengan thrash metal, death metal apatah lagi speed metal. Saya juga perlu tahu TEMA band ini. Setelah dikaji pada liriknya atau pergi sahaja ke link band tersebut dan mendapatkan maklumat berkenaan tema yang dibawa. Akhirnya diketahui juga yang band ini membawakan tema kematian, penderitaan, anti-agama, kesedihan, Mitos Cthulhu etc etc etc.

3. Saya juga kena arif dengan instrument yang telah digunakan untuk menghasilkan musik sebegini. Setelah dengar, maka saya mengesan penggunaan gitar, bass, drum dan keyboard. Permainan dia juga saya kena tahu! Tetapi saya tak tahu dia guna drop tune apa sebab saya bukanlah seorang gitaris. Saya juga tak tahu booster apa yang dia guna, efek apa yang dia guna. ITU ADALAH KELEMAHAN SAYA! Dan saya juga dapat memahami dengan menggunakan instrument tersebut maka dapatlah dia mencipta musik sebegini rupa. Mempunyai atmosfera yang kelam.

4. Saya juga kena tahu susunan ayat yang betul bagi memudahkan rakan-rakan untuk membaca serta memahami ulasan saya. Jangan lupa untuk menggunakan perkataan seperti "FUCK, BITCH, PUSSY, GODDAMN, SHIT" dalam setiap ulasan. Kenapa? Barulah METAL!! Hahahahahahaha!!

Sila klik Stomach Earth untk mendapatkan albumnya!!

5. Saya juga kena letakkan "link" youtube untuk anda pra-dengar album tersebut. Serta "link" dimana anda boleh dapatkan album tersebut. Dan saya perlu ingatkan anda; SEDAP DITELINGA SAYA TIDAK BERMAKNA SEDAP DITELINGA ANDA. Kecuali anda dan saya mempunyai citarasa yang sama (contoh; Anda dan saya suka MODAR, dan saya yakin anda akan suka STOMACH EARTH)

Akhirnya, saya ingin berterima kasih kepada pembaca-pembaca DAN rakan-rakan yang "MENGULAS" blog saya hahahahahaha! Anda berikan saya sumber inspirasi untuk menulis. Juga saya nak maklumkan yang saya TIDAK MEMILIKI album Stomach Earth ini. Ia hanya sebagai contoh sahaja (memang hajat dihati nak memiliki album ini tapi tak ada wang yang cukup)

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


As-salamualaikum dan selamat sejahtera kepada rakan-rakan. Saya rasa sangat lama menyepi dari menulis. Ya, saya tak mampu nak menulis kerana beberapa faktor yang menyerang saya serentak. Dedikasi terhadap kerja, masalah keluarga, masalah peribadi dan masalah personaliti. Apabila saya ditimpa masalah, saya takkan cepat melatah atau menggelabah. Tetapi dengan perlahan-lahan depresi mula menyusul. Dan ia mengambil masa yang lama untuk pulih. Saya sangat lemah dalam mengendalikan kemurungan. Saya akan bersendirian dan tidak akan berborak atau bergaul dengan sesiapa pun. Terutama pada waktu cuti, saya akan berkurung didalam rumah dan mampu memeluk tubuh. Tak cukup dengan zikir sahaja. Sebenarnya saya kena menjalani beberapa sesi terapi tetapi, saya memilih untuk berzikir, berzikir dan terus berzikir. Beristighfar, istighfar, istighfar.... Ia mengambil masa. Hampir 4 bulan saya dalam keadaan sebegini.

Tekanan dari kerja dimana boss adalah seorang yang tidak boleh bertolak ansur. Dia umpama kitab manual ladang dan buku pekeliling yang berjalan. Akan tetapi, dia juga tak terlepas dari kesalahan. Menggunakan kenderaan syarikat atas tujuan peribadi. Banyak lagi tapi biarkan dia. Dia selalu memaksa saya siapkan kerja yang banyak dalam masa 1 hari aja. Tak mengapa, saya perlahan-lahan kayuh.

Tekanan keluarga pula, asyik tanya bila nak nikah, dah ada pasangan ke belum, nak cucu lah, nak jadi makcik dan pakcik lah, tengok sepupu yang lain dah kahwin... Jangan sampai aku bercakap dengan tukul ... ops! Maaf!!

Tekanan peribadi pula saya sangat stress dengan keadaan diri saya sekarang. Hmmmmmm...

Tekanan personaliti... Saya tak mau cerita. Nanti anda kata saya tak siuman. Saya nak "normal" kan diri supaya boleh "blend" dengan masyarakat.

Dan tak lama kemudian, ketika menikmati musik dari MODAR, tiba-tiba semangat tu datang balik. Beransur-ansur masuk dalam tubuh ni. Maka saya nakkan semangat tu semula. Maka, bersepah album-album doom/death metal saya sedut. Hahaha! Nak beli memang tak mampu la sheikh! Saya memang ada CD album MODAR ni. Maka, saya berbincang dengan rakan tentang satu rancangan saya. Saya dah hubungi beberapa rakan yang lain dengan "offer" yang saya mampu untuk mendapatkan khidmat beliau. Kini, setiap malam saya susah nak tidur. Bukan kerana masalah tetapi IDEA melimpah-ruah sampai tak tahu mana nak gunapakai. Betul!! Saya jadi lebih teruja! Insya Allah, saya mengharapkan rancangan saya ni MENJADI dan terus menghapuskan depresi dalam otak ni. Insya Allah, Amiinn!