Tuesday, May 30, 2017


First of all, this is not a review. It just a some uneducated-writings of fans to his favorite band, HEREAFTER! I followed this band back in 2007/2008 when i bought their 1st demo, After Tomorrow. I asked Uncle of Cambell about this new CD with not so cool cover artwork. Uncle replies: This is a good band. Playing old school thrash metal like Sodom, Kreator and Destruction. Without delay, i bought it. Arrived at home, i play the CD and WOW!! I am their fan since then and never turn back. Hahaha! I am nobody, just shit in the sand. Haha!

"After Tomorrow" Demo CD

"Far From Here" the 1st track and open with a gloomy dark cybernetic intro when the evil machine terrorized and colonized the earth. Then... "The Signs Of The End" blasting like most teutonic bastard do. Fuck yeah!! "Lost In The Galaxy" is next. Its one of my favorite track of all. That riff, that drum, that vocals argh fuck!!! How catchy it is! Superb! Delicious! The last track "After Tomorrow" are extremely fast! Argh!! This demo reminds me of Destruction - Sentence Of Death in production sounds. FOG OF WAR SOULLESS RECITE, EVIL MACHINE WELCOME TO EXTINCTION!!!

"A Date To Remember" Single CD

A good single released from this thrash bombard. This single (i believe) are what they called "promo" for their upcumming album.

"Terrostrial" Full-Length 

Start with slow-intro of "Nuclear Battlefield", HereafteR are full of surprises. Like a bag of treats in Haloween. Then "A Date To Remember" blow me again! Shit!! Crispy guitar riff and drums reminds me of old school teutonic thrash metal in veins of Destruction's Eternal Devastation and Sodom's Persecution Mania. After that, "Sampah" kicking and drinking and fucking! "Total Holocaust: Unknown Disaster" argh!!! So many good strong track! One of my all-time favorite album by HereafteR. I can feel the tense, the soul, the hatred in this album. Full of passion! Energetic young man! Raw sounds are like creams to my parfait. Sweet mama holy glory hole! All track are killer, none are filler! One cover song from Megadeth - Holy Wars... The Punishment Due. Fuck yeah and eat shit! WHERE ARE WE GOING DAD? TO THE PITS OF HELL!!!!!!

"Street Metal Terrorist" Split CD

I believe this split CD are for their upcumming album, great recording with raw fresh sound. "This War Is Our War" are one hell of new track!

"Government Conspiracy" Full-Length 

This album are less raw and more reverb/echoes (especially on vocals) or what-so-ever you might call it. "This War Is Our War" are one hell of track fuck yeah!!! This album are less sci-fi and more politicalishit what-so-ever you call it. "Secrecy of The Government" tells us about SB-like tales. "Orang Jahat" straightly insult those "Orang Baik dajeiiii nokaharoooommm" hahahahaha. Lyrics are written in Bahasa. "He Who Knows Doesn't" one instrumental track with speech of the politician. They bring "Lost In The Galaxy" and i prefer the old version because this version sounds more "happy" and "cute". Then they bring again "Nuclear Battlefield". I prefer the old ones huhuhuu...

"Ready Desaster" Split CD

This CD comes with 3 band (3 way split album). Hereafter, Demonification and one band... uh... i cant see the name of it. Somethings block the writings/logo or what-so-ever the fuck of it. 3 old track are "A Date To Remember", "Orang Jahat" and "This War Is Our War".

"Endcient" Ful-Length

Fresh! Agressive! Modern! Raw! and of course, VICIOUS! "Entrance To The Void" sounds more that sci-fi enough! Rich with riff and solo's. An hell of intro with bass solo bitch! Argh!!! Melt me away!! Then their sudden attack with "Evil Machine". Huhuhuhu fuck this i love this band! "Celestial Disk" is a personification of what i used to known as LOST IN THE GALAXY. With new breath and feels fuck yeaaaaaaaaah.... "The Final World War" continuing "A Date To Remember" legashit! FUCKK!!! Its like a sequel to "A Date To Remember". The "Hereafter" track are what they represent. Bastard-Morbid-Bad Ending for humanity. Kahak-Kahak-Ptuih!! "Tiga Celaka" sing in Bahasa. Who is Laici? Naidu? Kodeng? Hey Hey Heyyy Hooo Hoo Hooooo.... TIGA CHELAKAAAAA! After "End Of Transmission" they cover King Diamond's epic song, "WELCOME HOME". FUCKKKK YEAAAAHHHHH!!!!

"Insignia" Full-Length

Another rich-in-riff album. The intro "The Continuum" are enough make you cum. Then "Command Centre" kicks you sorry-ass. Urgh..."Trilateral Insignia" whahahaaaaiiiiii.... "No Return From A Life" and "Cosmic Confusion", this 2 tracks haunting me most. No... No... They makes me remember "Overkill - Horrorscope" and "Destruction - Released From Agony". This lyric from No Return From A Life:

Mutated bacteria cumulate
Hyper reality stimulates
Anarchial life-form self-constained
Far beyond capsulized

It resemble the upcoming horror sci-fi movie (at that time) titled LIFE. What a coincident!!!

I dont know... I cant comment more. I dont know... this album brings me lots of thought. "Cosmic Confusion" are strongly smells of Destruction - Release From Agony album. This one track actually "kill" my anticipation-feels. Man... i dont know how to write. I enjoyed it so much. Its like you hoping your dad buying a KFC, but your dad bought McDonald. You know what i mean? I mean, I DONT KNOW WHAT TO WRITE ABOUT THIS INSIGNIA ALBUM YOU FUCKFACE!!! "The Signs Of The End" are from their previous "After Tomorrow" demo. Fuck yeah!!! Next release, please bring that After Tomorrow with more epic that previous! Hellyeah!!! You guys are great! "Shit To The Max" are what people waiting for. Hereafter are not Hereafter without humorous track that insult people. This time, they insult FACEBOOK BITCHES hahaha! I hope its not me. Huhuhu! Haidir Lifeform have a chance to prove that he can sings too. A cover song from Helloween "FUTURE WORLD" hahahaha!! High pitch vocals similar to some thrash metal bands like Agent Steel, Toxik and few name. Fuck you! Hahahaha!!

Ok. Bye. Hereafter, you have my full support and i will support you guys forever. Keep making good stuff... Keep surprise me (and others too).


  1. Street Metal Terrorist aku tak ada..

    1. haha aku xde CD Video Promo utk album Government Conspiracy. huhu terbaik ini barang argh!!

  2. Hehehe.. lama tak melawat. Good writing.