Tuesday, January 13, 2015

SWAMPCULT "An Idol Carved of Flesh" (Eastern Voice Production)

...And With The Strange Aeon, Even Death May Die...

"The Call Of Cthulhu by H.P Lovecraft"

H.P Lovecraft are one of many writers that inspired lots of band included Shub-Niggurath, Morbid Angel, Mekong Delta, Revenant and many more. And also, SWAMPCULT are in the list.

I just received my copy of this album. Swampcult are band formed by "A" and "D" hailed from Purmerend, North Holland, Netherlands. This band are far more weird that any band that i have heard. Seriously, they play Black/Doom Metal but its far from that genre. I would call it "Occult Metal". Hahahaha!

Their music, in my description are like horror rock blended well with doom metal and the raw sound of their product actually pretty obscured. Not heavy but devastating, that's what i feel about their music. No offence please! They are the worshiper of The Ancient Ones, the mighty Cthulhu. Their images, lyrics, sounds and music actually makes me remember well what happen in the old literature called "The Call Of Cthulhu". In that book, there a cult performing rituals in the swamp during the night. Sacrificing humans and worship an idol looks alike octopus man (that's their lord, Cthulhu!!). I believe SWAMPCULT are highly inspired from that cult in that swamp. The way "A" deliver his vocal are resemble of what i imaging fits to Castro, an occultist, caught by the policeman who raid the cult. With background vocals are most likely a choir of occultists chanting the incantation, summoning the Great Cthulhu. And weird sound/voices of unknown creature, most likely creature from other dimension are well-blended with the music. Yes, what a memory when i read that book many years ago. Fucking Insane! Its like the whole SWAMPCULT track are an actual ritual in this CD. This CD itself, a great offering, devotion and madly obsession to the mighty lord, CTHULHU!

The narrator part in track "The Pits Of Yog-Sothoth" are creepy like hell. It send chills to my spine. Its like watching or reading from the book itself! What a great CD i have in my hand. Yes! I love this album! Its something new to me. Its something weird for me. Its like you discovered the unknown music. A "creepy metal"? Or "Cthulhu Metal"? "Lovecraftian Metal"? I dont know. Please someone describe this kind of music for me. Tell me more about this kind of music!

Get this awesome CD from Eastern Voice Production with RM25/USD12/Euro 10 included registered mail.

I'll wait if they release this stuff in LP format. And i eager to wait their new stuff. Bring lots of Necronomiconic curse and spells in your music! No one will survived! When the stars are in the line, The Lord Of The Great Abyss SHALL RISE ONCE MORE!!

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